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Is one of the most important properties in this addon.

It defines which PCam a scene's Camera should be corresponding with and be attached to. This is decided by the PCam with the highest Priority.

Changing Priority will send an event to the scene's PCamHost, which will then determine whether if the Priority value is greater than or equal to the currently highest pcam's in the scene. The PCam with the highest value will then reattach the Camera accordingly.



Type: int

Default: 0

Determines which PCam is currently active. The one with the highest priority will be what decides what PCam a scene's Camera is attached to.

Modifying this is also what triggers a tween between different PCams. See th Tween page for more details.

Note: During runtime, properties should be modified and read via their setters & getters respectively.


void set_priority (int priority)



int get_priority()


Priority Override

Type: bool

Default: false

To quickly preview a PCam without adjusting its Priority, this property allows the selected PCam to ignore the Priority system altogether and forcefully become the active one. It's partly designed to work within the Viewfinder, and will be disabled when running a build export of the game.

Note: This property is only accessible within the node's inspector panel in the editor.