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Editor Updater

Whenever a new update for Phantom Camera is released on GitHub a dialogue prompt appears on start-up to update the addon. The dialogue is also discoverable from the Viewfinder at the bottom of the editor.

It will download the latest release as a zip, unzip, remove the existing addon and replace the addon with the newly downloaded version.

Note: The updater will not appear if there are no updates or if there is no internet connection.


Viewfinder Button Prompt

Appears in the viewfinder panel if a new update is available. Editor Updater Viewfinder

Dialogue Prompt

When starting the editor or when pressing the Update is Available.
Pressing Updatewill initiate the download process. Upon completion, the editor will need to be reloaded in order to finalize the upgrade - this will be prompted from a new dialogue once it's ready. Editor Updater Dialogue