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What is this?

Phantom Camera is a Godot 4 addon designed to simplify common Camera (Camera2D / Camera3D) behaviors and provide an comprehensive out-of-box camera experience for various project sizes and complexities. The addon is heavily inspired by a Unity package called Cinemachine.

It allows for simple behaviours such as following or looking at specific nodes with an optional smoothing parameter to more advance logic like re-framing itself to keep multiple nodes in view and dynamically animate between different points in space.

Addon Nodes

All the behaviors and logics within the addon works by using the below nodes.


Phantom Camera (2D & 3D)

Shortened to PCam (text) and pcam (code) is the primary node type for this addon. It exists in two different variants, one for 2D scenes and another for 3D scenes. See the PhantomCamera2D and PhantomCamera3D pages respectively for more details.

Its purpose is to contain the positional, rotational, tween and other data that should be applied to a scene's Camera. Upon a PCam becoming active it will effectively take over the scene's Camera node and apply its data to it.

Phantom Camera Host

Shortened to PCamHost (text) and pcam_host (code) is a managerial node for a scene's PCam and Camera nodes. This node decides which PCam the Camera should be attached to and, consequently, what logic it should have. For all intents and purposes, it's a set and forget node once it's a child of a Camera node.